Monkey See, Monkey Do

This is the project that is my excuse to avoid cleaning, grocery shopping and fixing our tree. I decided I absolutely HAD to have these monkeys for my oldest son’s apartment because we always called our three boys these monkeys. Second, he asked for grown up gifts this year–a coffee table and end tables. Third, his apartment has some “cringy” bamboo/jungle wallpaper (that was Sam’s description). If it didn’t need a trio of posing monkeys in resin, then I don’t what place does.

I am not the sort to settle for just a small, overpriced piece of whimsical statuary (this damn monkey art was 24.99 regular price…I got it for 12.). No, I immediately began wishing it was a lamp. So now we are in the process of turning it in to one. You can’t drill through it, so naturally, we’ve put it on a base to sit under the lamp which I am making, God helps us. It isn’t as easy to make a palm tree lamp when you do not have the requisite materials or building skills, but I have papier mache, paint, paper towel tubes and I only live 7 minutes from Hobby Lobby. I will continue to update progress because it is entirely possible I may become a lamp maker when I retire in the next twenty years or so.

PS: I have never made a lamp before in my life.


This is me

I went to Hobby Lobby in my pajama pants today. Didn’t catch on until I was nearly done. In my five trips there in two days, I think I dressed presentably once. By later ¬†trips there were tell-tale signs of every project I’d worked on.